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Licking Pike is Reopened - but Residents Want a Permanent Fix

Bobby Mackey's famous bar along Licking Pike in Wilder is well known for its live music, and, perhaps, for its tales of paranormal activity on the premises.

For the past month, it's hardly been known at all. 

Another landslide across the street closed Licking Pike (Kentucky Route 9) for several weeks. 

The road, which straddles the Newport-Wilder line, was closed on May 18 and finally reopened towards the end of June. That was just in time for Governor Andy Beshear to give the green light to Kentucky's bars to reopen after shuttering them due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Macke said that he was happy to have the road back open but expressed concern about future landslides. There was a significant one last year, too, and blocked the entrance to his honkytonk.

Regardless, it's one day at a time in Wilder, and on Friday, Bobby Mackey's reopens.

But neighbors in Newport's Clifton area are also concerned about what the future holds.

“This is seemingly going to keep happening so long as large rainstorms continue in the future. Cincinnati has similar issues with Columbia Parkway and seemingly far more resources to deal with it than Newport and are still struggling to ‘fix’ their issues,” said Clifton Neighborhood Chairman Jake Moore in calling for a permanent fix.

Newport resident Cayce Sweeney created an online survey for residents impacted by the landslide.

“The landslide impacted the routing of vehicles through Aspen Pines to detour around the landslide,” Sweeney said. “Vehicles were often speeding and not respecting that they were detouring through a neighborhood.”

Sweeney said he created the survey so that he could have a data driven approach to address Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 6. 

“My goal was to ensure that they were not only cleaning up the landslide in a timely manner but let them know how the detour was affecting (Aspen Pines),” he said. “Our response has been lacking in the sense that the district didn’t give a timeline or plan of action as to how they were planning on finishing the cleanup.”

According to Sweeney the survey has gotten a lot of response and he plans on using the email of respondents to keep them updated on the responses he gets from District 6.

Written by Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor

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