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Survey Reveals Kenton County Parents' Feelings on Face Masks, Reopening Buildings


The Kenton County School District released some results of the recent parent/guardian survey about the 2020-21 school year.

KCSD received 6,675 responses to the survey, representing about 46 percent of the student enrollment, according to a news release from the district. All seventeen district schools were represented.

62.8% of respondents said that they would send their student to school if permitted by state and local health officials, while 29.2% said that they were unsure and 8% said that they would not.

KCSD said that the most noted concerns about returning to school amid the coronavirus pandemic are students and/or family members with pre-existing health conditions, students having to wear face masks, and not knowing how much COVID-19 will spread.

59.6% of respondents said that they favor a traditional school model with enhanced safety measures while 23.9% prefer a synchronous model, and 16.5 percent prefer all virtual education.

As to face masks, 26.1% responded that they were very comfortable with their student wearing face masks if recommended by state and local health officials. 35.1% said that they were comfortable, 21.7% uncomfortable, and 17/2% very uncomfortable.

According to the district, the survey results are being reviewed and more information will follow.

-Staff report

Photo: Kenton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Henry Webb (provided)

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