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McConnell Visits Covington's Gravity Diagnostics

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in Covington on Thursday visiting Gravity Diagnostics, a medical testing lab that has developed a COVID-19 diagnostic test that can be processed in 24-48 hours.

Tony Remington, Gravity Diagnostics president and CEO, attributes his company's success to his team, who started researching the virus before it was widely known to have existed in the US. 

Remington said that Gravity Diagnostics then started to work with St. Elizabeth and other healthcare systems in the region before securing a deal with Kroger Health to provide diagnostic support for drive-thru testing. 

Kroger Health CEO Rodney McMullen expressed his optimism for the partnership with Gravity Diagnostics before introducing Senator McConnell.

"I believe Leader McConnell to be an amazing human being with an amazing worldview," McMullen said. "I appreciate the work he's been doing for the commonwealth every day." 

McConnell opened his remarks by talking about the success of the CARES act, despite the overwhelming economic and healthcare challenges it was created to confront. 

He also mentioned that of the $25 billion the Senate passed specifically for testing, Kentucky is receiving over $100 million. 

McConnell then said that he is a strong advocate for wearing masks and social distancing. When asked how the senator reconciles these views conflict with the president's statements on testing, mask-wearing, and social distancing he said that he can only speak for himself. 

McConnell concluded his remarks by saying that as we approach his July milestone to reassess the government's actions in response to the pandemic he sees another relief package as being very probable.

"If you are looking for a theme for this second package then it would be: kids in schools, jobs, and healthcare," McConnell said.

The senator also mentioned the priority of liability protection, to prevent a bombardment of lawsuits against individuals and businesses that may have spread COVID-19, in any future pandemic-based legislation. 

Written by Connor Wall, associate editor

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