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Poll Show Kentuckians Approve of Beshear's Moves as Appeals Court Goes Against Him

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear received high marks in a new poll about his handling of COVID-19, but the news arrived around the same time that the state Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling out of Scott County that blocked some points of his executive orders, including as they relate to crowds at Florence Speedway.

Polling firm Garin-Hart-Yang, commissioned by the Kentucky Democratic Party, conducted the poll between July 7 and July 10 involving 601 general election voters. According to the firm, "(t)he survey, which was conducted on both landlines and cell phones, was fully representative of an expected November 2020 general election by key factors such as gender, age, geography, race, and partisan affiliation."

It found that 69% of respondents supported Beshear's handling of the pandemic in Kentucky.

It also found that 73% support wearing masks in public, including 95% of Democrats and 58% of Republicans.

The General Assembly, controlled by Republicans, received smaller support at 33%. 57% rate the legislature with a fair rating, and 20% with a poor rating.

Most Kentuckians (more than three in five) believe the coronavirus is still a major threat to Kentucky families, with 63% saying the worst is yet to come in terms of the coronavirus’ effect on Kentucky’s public health and economy, compared to just 21% who say the worst is behind, Garin-Hart-Yang reported.

But meanwhile, the courts handed another legal defeat to Beshear. The Herald-Leader reported:

Gov. Andy Beshear suffered a legal setback Monday when a Kentucky Court of Appeals judge denied his request to stop immediately two lower court rulings against his COVID-19 emergency orders.

Judge Glenn E, Acree said he was not expressing any opinion as to the merits of Beshear’s claims on the two lower court rulings and that a three-judge panel of the Appeals Court will have to consider those.

Beshear spokeswoman Crystal Staley said the appellate court decision will mean more cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky.

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