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Florence Couple Wins $50,000 on Scratch-Off, Purchased While Picking Up Cat Food

A Florence couple won $50,000 on a Kentucky Lottery scratch-off, one they purchased while stopping to pick up cat food for a stray cat.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, the couple, who wish to remain anonymous, popped in the Turfway Food Mart (7124 Turfway Rd., Florence) to buy the cat food and also purchased two $5 Payday scratch-off games.

For the past three years, the couple has been feeding a stray cat that resides in a local shopping center, lottery officials said. 

While running errands, the couple had started to make their way home when it struck the wife that they had forgotten to feed the cat. They will usually stop at Turfway Food Mart to pick up a can of cat food and always buy two scratch-off tickets.    

She took one of the Payday tickets and handed the other one to her husband. He scratched his off, but it wasn’t a winner. 

While scratching off her ticket, she realized she had matched the number 36 on the ticket.                                                                         

“At first, I thought it was a $5 winner, but then noticed a comma," she said. "As I scratched off more, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s $50,000!’ It was awesome.”

“Look at this, is this even real,” she said while showing the ticket to her husband. “It took us a few minutes to adjust,” she told lottery officials.

“If we hadn’t turned around and gone back this probably would have never happened,” she said. 

The couple have only been married since November and plan to pay off bills and put anything remaining in their savings. 

“It can change a person’s life,” she told lottery officials.      

-Staff report

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