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Armor USA Expands Facility in Hebron

Armor USA recently expanded into a new building in Hebron, while remaining at 2900 Earhart Court and growing into 3000 Earhart Court.

The maker of thermal transfer ribbons has operated its local location since 1999.

It has since added subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Colobia.

From the initial space of 11,000 sq. ft. to its new 81,000 sq. ft. building, Armor is adding room for further growth.

“This expansion marks a major step in the life of Armor USA,” said Chris Walker, vice president and general manager of Armor USA. “As the American subsidiary of the ARMOR Group (Global Leader in Thermal Transfer Ribbon technology) and a major player in the technological boom in renewable Solar energy, rechargeable Lithium Ion industrial batteries for electric vehicles, and 3D printing and consumables, we’ve been delighted with the development of our activities.”

This expansion creates 50% more space for administration and customer support and will include a customer experience center, new technical laboratories and a training center.

The original 2900 building will maintain some of its offices and it will now have 40% more space for production to make room for things like enhanced automatization, allowing overall production capacity to increase by 60-80%, the company said. 

The company also has a strong focus on its employees’ well-being at work. For this reason, the expansion includes ergonomic furniture, a fully equipped kitchen/break room and an updated gym/exercise room, an announcement said.

-Staff report

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