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Kentucky Sets Record for Single-Day Number of COVID-19 Cases with 979

Nearly a thousand new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Kentucky on Sunday, shattering the state's previous single-day record which was closer to 600.

Governor Andy Beshear announced 979 new cases and warned that the state could face dire days ahead without renewed efforts to rein in the virus's spread.

“We have got to defeat this virus. We are at war and we are in the trenches,” said Beshear. “I have faith and I have trust in the people of Kentucky. But today and in the days ahead we’ve got to do a whole lot better. We’re going to have to take some more action.”

Thirty of the new cases were from children age five or younger, Beshear said.

“This ought to be a wake-up call for everybody. This is a rough day for the commonwealth,” said Beshear. “Thirty children under five who have tested positive. Thirty families whose parents and caregivers are hurting more than anything we can imagine.”

“We typically have limited reporting on Sunday which makes today’s record-setting number of positives particularly alarming,” said Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner of the Department for Public Health. “In the interest of accuracy, we are going to reach out and confirm results with some of the major labs. Even so, this surge in positive cases is a shocking wake-up call. Kentucky has flattened the curve before and it must act immediately and decisively to flatten it again. Please, wear your mask and socially distance.”

Three more deaths in Kentucky were also reported, bringing the state's total to 670.

-Staff report

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