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Covington Schools Choose "Soft Launch", Five-Week Hybrid Model for Return

The Covington board of education approved its reopening plan for Covington Independent Public Schools on Thursday night, giving the OK to a hybrid model to offer in-person and virtual learning.

School in Covington will begin on September 1, with half of all students in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the other half in-person on Thursdays and Fridays.

Students will learn from home during the other three days of the week that they are not physically in school.

In an announcement, the district called the reopening "a soft launch."

The district plans to use this model for five weeks and then assess the situation to determine if it is meeting the needs of students and staff.

The district also announced that parents who are not comfortable sending their children to school as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Kentucky, a remote-only option is available. Parents selecting that option must complete an application and commit to a semester or at least eighteen weeks of remote learning before making a change.

Superintendent Alvin Garrison said the district evaluated several models for reopening and did not find one that addresses all the instructional, operational and logistical challenges of the district. 

However, he said this plan allows students to return to school, receive in-person instruction with teachers and to spend time with classmates in classrooms that are not overly crowded.
“We just want to do what’s best for our students and staff," Garrison said. “We have taken into account the many perspectives of our families and staff, but most importantly, we examined the plan through the lens of equity and the health and safety of our 3,800 students and 600 staff members.’’

Should circumstances change, Covington will revisit plans and will follow the guidance of the Kentucky Department of Education, a news release said.

Additional information about the reopening plan is on the district’s website,

-Staff report

Photo: Holmes Middle School (RCN file)

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