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Dayton Schools Weighing Options for Reopening

The Dayton board of education met last Wednesday night to talk about options for reopening Lincoln Elementary and Dayton High School.

Superintendent Jay Brewer said that two surveys were conducted asking parents for feedback on returning to school.

Both surveys, Brewer said, found that 72 percent are in favor of in-person learning at school with non-traditional instruction (NTI, or virtual) included sometimes, while 28 percent support all NTI.

The district sent another notice to families detailing the options available and once those come back, the district is expected to make a decision. Brewer said that the district is moving towards a hybrid plan. He was not yet sure whether in-person learning would include some full-days or half-days in combination with NTI.

"We have to start slow, we need to walk before we run," said Brewer. "We wanted to find out what the home situations are, and whether there are people at the students' home who are high risk. We also surveyed the staff to find out how comfortable they are with the options. For in-person schooling, we will have masks, and the thought is, if you move, you mask. 

"As far as scheduling goes, we are going to do the best we can. But I am not in control of all the variables." 

The board also approved a $4,500 stipend for the new mental health coordinator, a position that will create district-wide mental health initiatives and assessments,  employee trauma training, a crisis team, and Medicaid billing.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Photo: Dayton High School and a nearby playground closed earlier in the spring due to the pandemic (RCN file)

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