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New Emergency Vehicle Arrives in Ft. Wright

A new 2020 Chevrolet Horton ambulance has arrived in Fort Wright.

The city purchased the $233,000 vehicle from Wilder-based Specialty Emergency Vehicle Sales and Services. It was built in Columbus, Oh.

The new ambulance, which took six months to construct, replaces a 1988 Horton F350 which had been suffering mechanical failures, the city said.

The new ambulance features many new state-of-the-art features for patient care and employee safety, the city said, and is a four wheel drive vehicle that will utilize a rear attendant restraint system in case of collision and is equipped with the newest Stryker power cot/stretcher with a power load system.

It will officially go online next week. 

Ft. Wright Fire Chief Steve Schewe expressed thanks to the city council for the purchase. The city's fire/ems department provides service not only to Ft. Wright but also to Park Hills and Kenton Vale.

-Staff report

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