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New Storage Facility Expected to Receive Zone Change in Florence

The Boone County Fiscal Court listened to a first reading of an ordinance changing the zoning of a 2.72-acre piece of land on the northwest corner of Pleasant Valley and Haines Drive in Florence.

The change from commercial (C-1) to commercial services (C-3) would allow for the construction of three new warehouses to house self-storage units.

The proposal was already approved by the county's planning and zoning commission, allowing for additional variances in addition to the zone change, such as changing the front-yard setback from 50 feet to 10 for one building, 4.5-feet for another, and also for a 6-ft. fence instead of a 4-ft. one.

The site was home to Michels Blacktop Company previously.

There is another storage facility on Haines Drive, but there is no restriction on how many such facilities can exist in that location.

"The area is very limited as to what you can put there," said Judge/Executive Gary Moore.

Another ordinance had a first reading, providing for a credit of occupational license fee for new employees as part of an economic development project by Wabco USA, LLC, a program under the Kentucky business investment program.

Wabco said it would provide 123 new jobs at $39 an hour, and the company will receive 50 percent credit for ten years.

William DuVall, a scout who wants to achieve his Eagle scout status, came to the meeting to describe what he hoped to accomplish as his Eagle scout project. He said the project was two fold: first he was in the process of building a handicapped ramp for a veteran at his house, and second, he wanted to raise awareness to the plight of veterans in this country, and in raising awareness, he hopes to get people to help the veterans.

DuVall gave a power point presentation on the problems that veterans encounter on a day to day basis, including unemployment, homelessness, and medical problems.  He listed several agencies that are specifically suited to handle the problems of veterans, and he wrapped up by giving the number for the suicide hotline, 1-800-273-8255, because many veterans feel hopeless and consider suicide.  

Judge Moore praised the scout for his project, and wished him success.

"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle," Moore told him.

A resolution passed which granted permission for a permanent utility easement for overhead utilities  for a line that will go by Aero Parkway and along Zigzag road.  The county received $50,018 for the easement.

A bid for mowing the right of way along county and state roadways was received, and the job was awarded to Merkel Lawn Care, who will be the primary provider for the mowing in the county.

Another bid for Program Management Services was received from Atkins-Elrod and Associates and they will assist the county in planning, monitoring and managing the community development block grant for the Brighton Recovery Kentucky Center. This is the 13th year they had hired the company for this task.

A resolution passed which approved a change order in the amount of $24,642 on the project of sidewalks on Litton lane in Hebron.  It was explained that the sidewalk had to be extended 300 feet from the last sidewalk, and a fire hydrant needed to be extended as well as  a handrail for a wall was added.  A lot of the work was paid for by a grant, but the county picked up a portion of the cost.

Judge Moore announced that the annual senior picnic, which is usually held in September, will not be held this year. 

"We love our senior citizens, and we want to keep them safe, and we just didn't think we could feed 1000 seniors at the Fairgrounds, and keep them safe," said Judge Moore.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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