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Poseidon's Pizza to Open Third Location in Crescent Springs - with a 4th Planned


Poseidon's Pizza is opening its third location, in Crescent Springs, adding to the ones in Florence and Hebron.

The fast-growing company plans to open a fourth location, too, though the owners are mum right now on where that may be.

“I don’t plan on stopping at all,” said Poseidon’s owner Jay Bachman about expanding. “As soon as we open, I’m going to commit to another location. I already have a place lined up, but I’m going to keep the location a secret so I can announce on our Facebook page.”

The Crescent Springs location, set to open in two months, is the former home of Buona Vita Pizza, which closed earlier in the year. 

“The reason for the quick expansion is because people want us in their area and I believe I have a team to make it possible,” Bachman said. “We already have customers out in this area. Plus getting that huge sign right on the expressway is huge in my opinion.”

Bachman said the pizza business is expanding the kitchen area in the new store and will give the location the “feel” of Poseidon’s that customers have come to know.

“This means it won’t look or feel like a typical pizza restaurant,” he said. “When you walk in, it will be as unique as our other stores.”

Bachman first location opened in Florence in May 2019 and the Hebron location opened in March 2020. 

Bachman chose the name Poseidon because he wanted something that wasn’t a traditional pizza name.

The thing he loves most about Poseidon’s is that he gets to help younger kids working with him.

“I like that I’m able to be a positive role model in their life,” he said. 

Bachman said his main goal for his business, however, is to “impact the community around us.”

“We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk,” he said. “I want to be an example for other business owners to look up to and encourage them to jump on board with helping the community.” 

For example, during the Covid shutdown, Poseidon’s held small business fundraisers and were able to give checks for more than $10,000. They also help feed kids on free or reduced lunch programs.

Written by Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor