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Apartment Association Raises Funds for Rental Assistance, Food Pantries

The local organization that is party to a lawsuit seeking to have eviction court proceedings resumed in Kentucky announced on Friday that it has also raised more than $100,000 for rent assistance and food donations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Apartment Association (GCNKAA) said that it raised the funds through its nonprofit Apartment Association Outreach.

The funds have been awarded as rent assistance to five service-providers: Freestore Foodbank, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky, Churches Active in Northside (CAIN), Jewish Family Service, and Santa Maria Community Services.

$20,000 has been donated to twenty food pantries in the region, the organization said.

In an announcement on Monday, GCNKAA said that it has raised $130,000 towards its eventual goal of raising between $150,000 and $200,000.

"The pandemic has brought on tough times for many of our residents," said GCNKAA President Don Brunner of BRG Apartments. "Our Association is trying to help people who are truly struggling to pay their rent and put food on the table during this pandemic." 

On Friday, legal representatives for GCNKAA and three Northern Kentucky apartment owners met with representatives from the office of Governor Andy Beshear in mediation over a lawsuit that aims to reopen eviction court proceedings.

The association and NKY apartment owners have argued that some tenants are taking advantage of the eviction moratorium, enacted due to the pandemic, and are delinquent in their rent when they do not need to be.

The eviction moratorium was designed to keep people in their homes despite the economic hardship brought on by the pandemic.

No decision was reached in mediation on Friday, though a protest took place outside the federal courthouse in Covington in which one organizer called the effort to reopen evictions "a crime against humanity."

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