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SD1 Releases COVID-19 Report on How It Has Operated in Pandemic

Sanitation District 1 released a 16-page report on how the utility has operated and managed over the past several months during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Healthy at SD1: Thriving Despite COVID-19” details what SD1 has been up to during the pandemic.
In a news release, SD1 cited:
  • Working with local county officials to redefine the scope of identified priority growth needs;
  • Migrating most safety training to online, saving money and staff time; 
  • Installing new flow monitoring hardware and tools under new protocols to address the risk of COVID-19 in sewage and close-proximity installation;
  • Expanded the hours of the SD1 Customer Care Center;
  • Transitioned numerous processes to paperless, including easement requests, tapper and inspection documents, plan submittals, accounting and finance documents and submission of sanitary plans and projects to the Kentucky Division of Water;
  • Converted Certified Tapper training to online;
  • SD1 has temporarily suspended penalties, late fees and water disconnection for nonpayment and delayed a planned 5-percent revenue increase for the current fiscal year;
  • Launched a new website that is more user friendly, mobile responsive and ADA complaint;
  • Maintained an impressive 2-hour trouble call response time;
  • Incorporated new technology into open records request process, saving money and shortening response times;
  • Utilized a combination of Facebook Live and Microsoft Teams to ensure Board meetings could continue as scheduled with an opportunity for full public participation;
You can read more from SD1's report here.
-Staff report
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