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COVID-19: 655 New Cases in Ky.; 38 in NKY

655 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Kentucky on Wednesday by Governor Andy Beshear. The Northern Kentucky Health Department reported that 38 of those cases were in our four-county region.

“I know people are tired and want to get back to their normal lives. We are not here to separate people from their schools, jobs and social activities, but we cannot rationalize our way out of this. There’s a bad disease out there. We have no vaccine, cure or treatment. When it hits people it hits them hard, it causes hospitals to overcrowd and it takes lives,” said Kentucky Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said. “We want to inspire you to do the right thing. Please listen to the public health professionals, here and around the nation. Every single one of us is saying the same thing: Wear masks, wash your hands, social distance.”

The state has seen 40,926 cases since the coronavirus pandemic began, including 3,475 in Northern Kentucky.

Beshear noted that 91 of the newly reported cases on Wednesday involved children aged 18 and younger.

Twelve additional deaths were reported, though none were in Northern Kentucky.

As of Wednesday, there have been at least 785,138 coronavirus tests performed in Kentucky. The positivity rate currently stands at 5.41%. At least 9,331 Kentuckians have recovered from the virus.

-Staff report