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Man Who Fired at Two NKY Officers Found Guilty, Jury Recommends 25 Years

The man who shot at two Lakeside Park/Crestview Hills police officers last year was convicted by a Kenton County jury this week on multiple charges, including the attempted murder of a police officer.

Jacob Julick, 28, fled a traffic stop in Erlanger in June of last year and fired shots at the two officers.

Julick had been wanted on a parole violation when his vehicle was stopped.

Following the shooting, K9s, a drone, and roughly one hundred officers searched for Julick, who was hiding under a deck. He was able to get away and stay on the run for nearly three weeks.

Others were ultimately prosecuted for assisting in Julick's evasion.

On June 22 last year, Julick was spotted by a Covington Police officer while driving along 19th Street and after a traffic stop was initiated, he fled again.

According to investigators, Julick admitted to driving at high speeds while avoiding traffic signals, and also drove on the wrong side of the road and on sidewalks.

At one point, with a gun in his hand, Julick drove directly at the Covington officer in what he called a game of "chicken".

Julick was ultimately captured in Cincinnati on June 25, 2019 after a day-long SWAT standoff.

In the two-week trial, Julick took the stand in his own defense unsuccessfully. After convicting him, the jury recommended a sentence of 25 years for Julick.

Formal sentencing will take place later.

-Staff report

Photo via Kenton County Detention Center

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