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Alexandria Development Concerns Some Neighbors; Fiscal Court to Vote

An expansion of an Alexandria subdivision has caused concern among some members of the community and led to a four-hour long meeting of the Campbell County Municipal Planning & Zoning Commission.

Some of those concerns were echoed at a recent Campbell County Fiscal Court meeting. The fiscal court will offer a final decision on the proposed zoning change that would allow for a "residential cluster development overlay zone (RCD)" to be overlaid on the existing residential-1C (R-1C) zone for the Parkside III development on the northeast side of Woeste Road.

R1-C allows for single-family detached zone and the overlay would allow for both single-family attached and detached homes.

Sun Valley Realty hopes to add Fischer Homes's patio homes on the properties.

The planning commission approved the change and the fiscal court has heard the first reading of the proposal and will vote after the second reading on Wednesday.

The Reserves of Parkside first arrived before planning & zoning in 2002 when a zone change was sought to allow for 254 residential units to be constructed.

In 2014, another case was approved, removing thirty-nine acres from the subdivision and converting them to large-lot units, which were subsequently sold.

The number of units was ultimately reduced to 187.

In 2018, Pondwoods Drive was completed there, and the complexity of the soil conditions was noted and more detailed analyses were conducted, according to documents from planning staff. The county, at the time, also expressed concerns about drainage, which were affecting the longevity of the public streets.

A revised plan was submitted to the planning commission in May of last year, addressing those drainage issues and creating detention areas. Fifty-four residential lots were platted and would not change, the staff report said.

A connection from Woeste Road to Race Track Road was removed due to it being a major drainage area with soils unsuitable for pavement. The remaining subdivision was redesigned then to accommodate a total of 209 units in the Reserves of Parkside.

In November of last year, the developer proposed a residential cluster development which was approved by the planning commission and ultimately it received strong public feedback at the fiscal court phase of the process. The application was ultimately pulled by the developer. 

This year, Thomas Munninghoff og Sun Valley and Joe Kramer of Cardinal Engineering submitted a revised request for a residential cluster development at the Reserves.

The Reserves is advertised by Fischer as a "community with large, wooded and cul-de-sac home sites available" and a "tranquil setting" next to A.J. Jolly Park and the golf course. 

The average home value is $236,000 according to a review of 169 homes there.

The planning commission staff report noted, "(t)he Northern Kentucky housing market has a growing demand for sustainable homes with flexibility in style, maintenance and price. One style that is gaining in popularity and demand is the attached single-family home often referred to as the “paired-patio home”. These homes are commonly on smaller lots with a zero lot-line between the two homes, effectively creating an attached single-family home."

"This is the only place in Campbell County where this type of home will exist," said attorney Tim Tyson, who was representing the development at the fiscal court meeting. "Owners don't have to mow their lots or maintain their exteriors, but they live on a street with a whole bunch of houses."

But residents inside those other "whole bunch of houses" are less rosy in their view of Parkside III.

"It's another fancy term for duplexes," said resident Brian Tiemeyer, who lives in the second home he has purchased from Fischer, he said. "Both the developer and Fischer Homes have lied to the residents of Parkside for years to lure prospective buyers into this community. There is no clubhouse, there is no pool. Lots of gone from one acre to a half acre to a quarter acre, all so Mr. Munninghoff can fit more homes into Parkside and more money into his pocket."

Campbell County planning staff ultimately recommended against the change, but the planning commission offered its approval, and now the issue falls before the fiscal court. 

"Staff concurs with the need for a wider variety of housing types but finds that the applicant has not provided sufficient detail as to determine if this product aligns with
the specific established area," the staff report read. "The smaller lot sizes and dimensional characteristics will increase the density within an established community which advertises as “offering its Designer Collection of homes in this Campbell County community with large, wooded and cul-de-sac homesites .... Natural beauty, woods and parkland surrounding The Reserve of Parkside provide a tranquil setting. “ The proposed lot sizes will no longer be classified as large, wooded homesites."

In anticipating possible approval from the commission, planning staff suggested some conditions:

  • A limit on the total number of housing units.
  • Ratio of open space per unit should not be decreased over previously approved levels.
  • Dimensional criteria for single-family attached and detached units be listed separately.
  • Single-family detached units should align with those previously approved.
  • Lots that share a common driveway be noted.
  • Maintenance of the open space be clearly identified. Trail head access points to the open space be identified and signed.
  • That a construction entrance be established, exclusive of the intersection of Parkside and Woeste Road.
  • Timing for the construction of the as secondary access road be triggered based upon the number of units sold.
  • Sidewalks between Dairybarn Lane and Parkside Drive along Woeste Road be added.

Tyson, the attorney representing the developer, said that the developer would be OK with the conditions.

"The conditions are all acceptable by our client," he said. 

The fiscal court meets Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the county building in Newport.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Image: An example of a patio home by Fischer Homes (provided)

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