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Five NKY Places Listed as Most Affordable to Live, According to SmartAsset

A new study from the personal finance company SmartAsset determined the ten most affordable places to live in Kentucky, and five in Northern Kentucky made the list.

SmartAsset analyzed local property tax data, homeowners' insurance and home costs relative to income.

Hebron was ranked third, with an average home sale closing cost of $2,281, an annual property tax of $1,633, annual homeowners' insurance costs of $1,178, an average annual mortgage payment of $8,020, a median income of $80,291, and a SmartIndex affordability index rating of 56.5.

Elsmere ranked sixth, while Burlington, Alexandria, and Independence were seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively.

According to the analysis, Princeton was Kentucky's most affordable place to live.

You can see the full list and methodology by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

-Staff report

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