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Photos: A Surprise Birthday Party in Covington to Relieve Isolation

A Covington woman surprised her husband over the weekend with a birthday party catered in the style of the New York delis that the couple has been missing since living in isolation during the pandemic.

Kathie and Michael Schwartz are both high-risk for COVID-19, Kathie told The River City News, so they have been staying home. Prior to the pandemic, they traveled extensively.

"We are really missing our favorite New York-style delis around the country," she said. 

Butler Pantry handled the food for the Licking Riverside couple's celebration of Michael's 77th birthday.

Local musician Kyle Knapp played on the front porch with music from the 60s and 70s.

Family and friends were invited to walk by, drive by, or to pull up a chair on the street to wish Michael a happy birthday.

-Photos by RCN photographer Brian Frey

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