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Letter: Sen. Thayer's Priority is Better Education for All Kentucky Students


The follow letter to the editor was written by Kyle Yeh, a Spanish teacher at Floyd Central High School in Floyd Co. in support of State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) whose district includes part of Kenton County.

Damon Thayer cares about Kentucky’s public school teachers and students. As a public school teacher and member of Teach For America (TFA), I felt so heard about my classroom experiences when I met with Senator Thayer. Because of his courageous leadership, TFA secured a 100% increase in state funding despite budget shortfalls due to the global pandemic. 

Leader Thayer listened intently about our classroom successes and consistent struggles. He talked to us about what teachers face every day and what we need to improve outcomes for our kids. He made it abundantly clear his priority is a better education for all Kentucky students. 

With Leader Thayer's support, TFA is better equipped to provide effective teachers. I cannot overstate how important this is as Kentucky continues to face teacher shortages and virtual learning challenges. Even against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Damon Thayer demonstrated that he will do what it takes to ensure every Kentucky student has the opportunity for advancement.

With admiration,

Kyle Yeh