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Taylor Mill Sets Tax Rate, Lowers Waste Collection Fee

The Taylor Mill city commission met virtually on Wednesday and set the city's tax rates.

Last year's rate for personal property was $0.772 per $100 of assessed value. 

Commissioners had at first approved the compensating rate for the personal property, which would make the rate $1.218 per $100 of assessed value, a rate that would gain $318,000 for the city. 

Keeping the rate the same would gain the city $201,000.

Since the commissioners wanted to change the rate for the second reading, City Attorney Frank Wichmann said it was enough of a change that the ordinance had to be read again as a first reading.

The ad valorem tax rate last year was $0.458 per $100 of assessed value, and the compensating rate for this year would be less, at $0.454 per $100. 

Commissioners were OK with that rate, but Wichmann said that the ordinance cannot be piecemeal, and will have to be read a second time with the revisions at another date.

City Administrator Haney said they have been able to set up a special meeting on Monday, September 14, at 7 p.m.

The commission also approved a new waste collection fee, which was lowered from last year's $180 per residence to $168.

Erin Toney was promoted from part-time to full-time in the fire department.

The city adopted a resolution honoring Edward Eldridge on his 100th birthday, which was Friday. 

Shawn Riggs, the city engineer, gave an update on the Highridge Road pavement failure which was reported at the August meeting.  

One large section and one small section have places where the pavement  has totally failed due to the soil underneath. Public Works Director Marc Roden and his crew have patched the areas but they are still not good, because of the damage underneath.

Commissioners discussed whether to fix the places, but the cost of fixing it has come in higher than they expected. There was approximately $40,000 left over from last year's road program that the city can use to fix the road, but that amount won't fix both segments in need.  

They voted to fix the larger section this year, and try to find the money to fix the second section next year.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of acquiring another truck, since one of the public works trucks is beyond fixing, but they told Roden the chances are slim that they can find the money for a replacement truck.

There will be an event in Pride Park on September 19 for volunteers to come and help commissioners clean the shelters. Volunteers can call 859-581-3234 if they can help. The rain date will be September 26.

Any seniors who would like to take advantage of the Ruwe Pharmacy drive through vaccine effort to receive flu, shingles, or pneumonia vaccines can call 859-581-3234 for details. The pharmacy will have a drive through event on September 23, and hopes to hold another in October, depending on the need.

Haney also reminded residents that the city will hold another tent event to sign up people for the census.  They want to set up the tent near Sharon Drive this time because that is one of the areas where the census workers will go door to door and try to get more residents to respond. Haney said the city is offering a drawing for a $150 gift card to Remke's grocery  for anyone who signs up at the tent or at the city building. 

Other areas where the census workers will concentrate is the north end of Grand Avenue, and the Farm Apartments.

Mayor Daniel Bell told commissioners that he has written another letter to legislators to help reduce the speed on Taylor Mill Road and Pride Parkway from 45 to 35 miles per hour. He is also trying to get the state to repave Taylor Mill Road since it has been a long time since it was repaved.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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