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NKU Announces the Nation’s First Health Care Commercialization Program

Northern Kentucky University laid claim on Tuesday to the nation's first Health Care Commercialization Certificate, a graduate program focused on developing and launching new products or services in health care.

The program will be offered fully online and explores the functions behind introducing health care services and products to the medical marketplace.

“Even though nearly 1 out of every 5 dollars in the US economy is linked to the health care industry, no other institution is educating its students on the unique opportunities and challenges related to commercializing health care technologies and services,” said Doug Ladd, executive entrepreneur in residence and professor of practice. “While some offer certificates in health care marketing, NKU is the first to truly offer this combination of courses. We are meeting the region’s need for trailblazing innovation, and I’m excited to see this program’s impact.”

The program could take as little as six months, NKU said in an announcement. The curriculum is geared toward medical providers, entrepreneurs and those ready to advance their careers.

“Our region is a major hub for health care facilities, biomedical firms, research organizations and medical device manufacturers,” said Ladd. “There is a need to help those currently in the sector better understand the increasing costs and challenges, such as an aging population. This certificate program will help ensure that.”

Courses in the new program begin on October 14.

-Staff report