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COVID-19: 1,441 New Cases in Ky. Over the Weekend

Kentucky recorded an additional 1,441 confirmed cases of COVID-19 over Saturday and Sunday, Governor Andy Beshear announced.

Most of those came in Saturday's report when 1,002 cases were identified.

“Today's report shows that when we let our guard down, this virus truly spreads. This is everywhere and we must keep our guard up,” Beshear said Saturday.

He noted that day that the state's positivity rate, which is a seven-day rolling average of the number of positive cases against the number of tests conducted, remained below 4%, at 3.82%.

On Sunday, Beshear announced 439 newly confirmed cases, but added that reporting is slower on Sundays typically, so some information would be delayed until Monday.

The state has seen a total of 61,542 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

Ten COVID-19-related deaths were reported in the state on Saturday and Sunday

1,108 people have died from COVID-19-related causes in Kentucky since the pandemic began.

Beshear warned that days with high case counts, like Saturday, lead to a higher number of deaths "several weeks down the line."

“Now that our kids are going to be going back to school in many places in some form or fashion, now that we have more sports, let’s make sure that we cut our contacts, wear our masks and socially distance," Beshear said. "Let’s do better – everyone around us is depending on it.”

Dr. Steve Stack, commissioner of the state Department of Public Health, said over the weekend that mitigation efforts against COVID-19 are also helpful in the upcoming flu season.

“We’re not just preventing the spread of COVID-19. We’re also preventing the spread of the common cold, the flu and other viruses which is very important since they can easily be confused with COVID-19,” Stack said.

-Staff report

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