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NKU Student Pens Poem in Honor of Breonna Taylor

My name is Sarah Williams-Bryant and I am currently studying English, Creative Writing at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). I currently hold the position of Community Outreach Director with the LochNorse Magazine. Part of my job is to help assist students that need their voices heard.

Throughout the last year, I have seen and heard many stories that have angered, saddened and concerned me. After hearing the news of Breonna Taylor, I cried immensely, and did the only thing I knew how to do – write.

I hope that those that read my work find the voice within them to speak up, even when it is impossible to do so.


All Lives Matter

By Sarah Williams-Bryant

You will not condemn those 

that justice wants to hold.

You sit in power, 

speaking of repeat offenders

that have a disease —

The society must rid those 

of methamphetamine

Yet you will not give a dime

to help them succeed.

You will not give homes to 

children without mothers,

or fathers,

or even family to take them in.

You’ve constructed your speeches, 

in hopes we are too stupid to know

Your contradictory words 


words of hate from your mouth. 

Everyone matters

unless you’re anything but white,

or over the age of 45,

or within the 1%. 

You will not condemn the people

that rape

that murder

that are successful to not have 

their past ruin their present.

You will only condemn those

that stand up against you — 

you should know

We were taught 

when someone knocks you down

you get back up and




Photo: Sarah Williams-Bryant (provided)

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