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"Vote for NKY" Receives Grant to Boost Local Voter Turnout

A $10,000 grant is expected to help in the effort to boost voter turnout in Northern Kentucky.

The Vote for NKY campaign, championed by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce announced that it received the grant from the Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation.

The funds will be managed by the Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky.

An initiative of several local public and private organizations, Vote For NKY is a nonpartisan advocacy effort to create a culture of voter engagement and increase voter turnout in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties.

The Cincinnati-based Seasongood Good Government Foundation, based in Cincinnati, is dedicated to supporting community efforts to improve citizen engagement, civic education and local government accountability and efficiency. The grant funds will enable Vote For NKY to improve these numbers through several targeted efforts. This includes increased efforts to engage those that have voted infrequently in recent elections, may not have Internet access or other means that have limited their awareness of, interest, and/or participation in the election process, a news release said.

“Due to the pandemic, Kentucky voters will have three ways to vote in the upcoming election,” said Chamber President Brent Cooper. “This grant funding will greatly assist our efforts in educating Northern Kentuckians on how to cast their ballot this November.  Since each county has a separate plan in place for voters, our education campaign will be critical to increasing voter turnout.”  

Bob Heil, former chairman of the chamber's board, agreed.

“For Northern Kentucky to advance and progress, we need citizens engaged in all aspects of life in our region – and that includes the election process,” said Heil. “If the general public seems disengaged in the region’s affairs, what incentive exists for elected officials to support us with critical funding, capital investments, incentives to companies looking to invest in our region, etc.? We must get out the vote; this grant enables us to continue that mission to affect this upcoming election and beyond.”

Vote for NKY is a regional get-out-the-vote campaign spearhead by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, organizations, foundations, and civic-minded individuals, which seeks to stem the tide of low voter turnout in past elections in Northern Kentucky.

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