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Despite Skepticism, Falmouth Woman Wins $75,000 on Scratch-Off Ticket

A Falmouth woman said that she was skeptical when she scratched off what appeared to be a $75,000-winning "Extreme Cash" Kentucky Lottery game.

“I was kind of stunned,” she said of winning the game's top prize.

Her skepticism was not warranted: the woman had won the cash.

The winner, whose name was not released, stopped by the Bluegrass Discount Tobacco store in Falmouth

She had stopped at Bluegrass Discount Tobacco with the intent to play the lottery and chose the Extreme Cash based on the way it looked. 

“The shiny color caught my eye,” she said.

After going home and scratching off what she saw as the winning numbers, her skepticism prompted her to seek a second opinion/

“I ran out of my house and went to my son's to show him the ticket. I said, do you see what I see?,” she said. He looked at it and playing around said, “Naw, I don’t think it’s a winner. I’ll take that and throw it away for you.”

She still wasn’t completely convinced that she had won so she decided to then take the ticket back to the store to have it checked. 

“I scanned it and sure enough, it said what I thought it was,” she said. 

“I was still so skeptical. It wasn’t until I got the check in hand that I believed it was real,” she told lottery officials.   

She mentioned that her husband was looking to retire in four years and so they would use the winnings to replace his truck for a newer one.

The Bluegrass Discount Tobacco will receive a bonus of $750 for selling the winning ticket. 

-Staff report


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