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Saturday Brings Kentucky's Highest COVID-19 Case Count Yet

Kentucky saw its highly daily total of confirmed COVID-19 cases on Saturday and Governor Andy Beshear said that this week has brought the state's highest weekly total since the pandemic began, with Sunday's numbers still to come.

The previous highest weekly total came just last week.

The governor reported 1,275 new cases on Saturday and said that "it's been a tough couple of days" with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, along with U.S. senators and other well-known politicians and government officials testing positive for the coronavirus.

President Trump is currently hospitalized at Walter Reed.

“This is our highest number of cases ever. This is the highest number of cases per week ever and we have one more day that will add to the count, and it shows that we have to do better," Beshear said.

Though the Northern Kentucky Health Department only reports local case counts Monday through Friday, Beshear specifically referenced 27 new cases in Kenton County, 23 in Boone County, and 10 in Campbell County on Saturday.

The state has seen 72,001 cases since the pandemic began, and a growing number of positive cases are among children. Beshear reported on Saturday that 166 of Saturday's newly reported cases involved children aged 18 and under.

“I need your help. We are seeing the coronavirus surging around the country. We are in another escalation here in Kentucky,” the governor said. “We have got to do what it takes to stop it, and that's all of us. No more being casual; time to be urgent. We are Team Kentucky. We can beat this. We will get through it and we will get through it together.”

The COVID-19 testing positive rate, based on a seven-day rolling average, taking into account total positive tests reported by laboratories divided by total tests reported by labs, stood at 4.74%.

Eight additional deaths were reported on Saturday, bringing Kentucky's total to 1,205.

As of Saturday, at least 1,520,236 tests had been administered across Kentucky. The number of Kentuckians who are known to have recovered was at least 12,121.

Since Monday, 5,702 cases have been recorded in Kentucky (456 on Monday, 1,018 on Tuesday, 1,004 on Wednesday, 910 on Thursday, 1,039 on Friday, and 1,275 on Saturday).

“The escalation here in Kentucky continues to get worse and we have to wear masks – all of us,” Beshear said after Friday's numbers were released. “This week is going to shatter last week’s record for number of cases. We have to do better.

“The situation is getting very dangerous in Kentucky. If you care about your economy, if you care about getting your kids into school, if you care about the lives of those around you, put on your mask. Socially distance; wash your hands; follow the rules. We’ve got to be Team Kentucky right now. We need your help and I know you’re going to come through.”

-Staff report

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