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"Official Truck of 2020": NKY Plumbing Company Brands Septic Vehicle

With just days before an election among a highly-polarized population, it is difficult to find unanimity in response to an issue.

But it is likely safe to say that the year 2020 has been full of, well, this may be a good place to insert the poop emoji.

That emoji is a popular feature in social media posts by Wilder-based Jolly Plumbing, whose slogan is, "A flush beats a full house."

Now, the company is taking their branding initiatives a step farther: septic trucks named "the official truck of 2020." The joke is, obviously, at the expense of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus that created a worldwide pandemic, resulting in widespread cancelation of many aspects of everyday, normal life, like sporting and social events, and large gatherings. People are asked to keep distance from one another and to wear face masks so as to slow the spread of the virus.

A septic truck moves, well, here's another place to use the poop emoji... from one place to another so that it can decompose.

“Our hope is that maybe we’re doing our small part to bring an end to all the terrible things that have happened so it can go to it’s final resting place,” said Jolly Plumbing owner Brady Jolly.

It just so happened that the company was making upgrades to its equipment and needed to re-wrap its vehicles with new graphics, offering the opportunity to poke some fun at what has been for so many an awful year.

“Really, we just hope we can bring a smile to people’s faces during this difficult time,” said Jolly. “I think that is really what we need now.”

The trucks are making their way around town, so people will have the opportunity to take a photo with it.

Jolly said that, when it comes to these septic trucks, it won't be difficult to enforce the social-distancing suggestions from health officials.

“It’s pretty common for people to stay six feet away from this thing.”

-Staff report

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