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Crestview Hills City Administrator to Retire

Crestview Hills City Administrator Tim Williams announced that he is retiring effective November 1.

He has served in his current role since 2009, arriving in the city after serving as Boone County assistant administrator.

In an announcement, the city credited Williams with working on important initiatives like office park signage, decorative street and stop signs, a street replacement program, sidewalks on Dixie Highway near the Town Center, a mixed-use plan for the community, and the opening of the city's first park in the Thomas More Office Park.

“The city has been blessed to have Tim over the past eleven and a half years," Mayor Paul Meier said. "He has been an asset to myself and our councils over the years in providing a professional approach to managing the city.” 

The owners of the Town Center recently said of Williams, “It has been great working with Tim and our JRA (Jeffery R. Anderson Real Estate) team really enjoys your vision and ideas. Thanks for always being an advocate for us.” 

“I have been very fortunate to work with such a professional and forward thinking mayor and council over the years, and am very proud of what our team has accomplished," Williams said. "This is an outstanding community and I have really enjoyed serving our citizens since 2009.”

-Staff report

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