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Bellevue Seeks Literacy Program Grant; Launches COVID Dashboard

The Bellevue board of education approved a request to submit an application for the Kentucky Comprehensive Literacy grant that would fund professional learning devoted to teaching literacy skills over the next three years. 

The grant is valued at $665,726 over three years.

Due to Covid, the state window for the Brigance screening for early learners will stay open until further notice, but Grandview Elementary is in the process of completing the the screening now.

The fall Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests were administered in early October. The final assessment and accountability data is available to the public in the school report card, which will look a little different this year. 

There is no star rating for schools this year.

It was reported that the Kentucky Department of Education will pull participation reports three times during the 2020-2021 school year and the first time will be October 30. That report will show the student participation during virtual instruction, even though locally the schools are keeping an eye on all students on a daily basis.  

The Bellevue Dashboard is now up and running, offering a transparent look at the district’s reporting numbers on a daily basis. The district wanted to provide a comprehensive resource that not only gave the total of the district cases, but also showed how Bellevue compares to numbers within the county and state.

Each version of the dashboard shows Kentucky’s daily incidence reporting map, and a chart explaining what each of the color levels mean. The dashboard webpage will keep an archive of every post created since September 28, as well as a list of state, county, and community resources explaining Bellevue's mode of instruction metrics and incidence rate responses. 

The district once again qualified for a fresh fruit and vegetable grant so that the students can try a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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