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Entertainment District, New Housing Development Planned in Ludlow

An "entertainment district" - which will allow for open containers of alcoholic beverages to be carried outdoors within the designated area - is coming to Ludlow's central business district along Elm Street between Kenner and Carneal Streets. 

Mayor Josh Boone says that beverages would be sold in plastic cups approved by the city, and Ludlow's ordinance is similar to those passed by Covington and Bellevue in recent years. 

"Once the pandemic is over, I can see this being utilized more in promoting special events to encourage people to visit Ludlow and patron our businesses," Boone said.  "Several businesses had approached the city about this idea so we're glad to give them this additional promotional tool." 

Ludlow also recently entertained a map amendment to change the zoning designation of approximately 65-acres of undeveloped hillside behind the railroad. The map amendment was presented by Fischer Homes, which is looking to buy the site to construct hundreds of new residential units. 

The amendment would change the parcel of land's zoning from Residential Rural Estate to Planned Unit Development. 

Boone said that Fischer Homes expressed interest in building a mix of single family homes and multi-unit condos, but the zoning change would have to be approved by Kenton County's Planning and Development Services before Ludlow's council could vote on it. 

Fischer Homes made a presentation to city council last month.

The project was described as "a diverse housing product" with a mix of multi- and single-family options, and possible senior living, too.

The plan is in its early stages at this point.

Fischer representatives said that they are planning to add higher-end products to the site near its previous River's Breeze development.

"What we are proposing should not affect the River's Breeze community. We're not blocking anybody's view," said Amanda Webb, project planner with Grand Communities, which is associated with Fischer Homes. "Our future residents will have their own views higher on the hill."

The plan includes a proposal to capture all water drainage from the site and transport it towards the river.

Single-family homes are expected to cost around $400,000 and up while the condos are anticipated to be in the $200,000 and $300,000 range.

"We're very excited about any prospect of this. It would be a major development," Boone said last month.

Fischer hopes to have a necessary zoning issue addressed at the Kenton County Planning Commission before the end of the year.

Written by Michael Monks and Connor Wall

Photo: Elm Street in Ludlow (RCN file)

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