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Five Ideas for Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating


Thanks to real-life scary events of 2020, Halloween will look a lot different for many this year. The Centers for Disease Control has advised against trick-or-treating. Many communities or individual families are opting out this year. Traditional candy givers will keep their doors closed and porch lights off too. Don’t worry, you can still have a spootacular Halloween. The River City News has put together  five simple, but fun trick-or-treat alternatives. 

Halloween Buckets

It’s the Easter Basket with a frightening twist! OK, it doesn’t have to be scary. Grab your kids Halloween bucket or purchase a new one at the store and fill it with their favorite treats. You can include candy, Halloween-themed trinkets and even a special gift. It’s sure to cheer up your young ones. A bonus option is to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown the night before. Tease your little ones that The Great Pumpkin may pay them a visit this year since they won’t be able to Trick or Treat. You can even leave out a small dish of candy for The Great Pumpkin to enjoy; why should Santa get a special treat and not The Great Pumpkin? Be sure to leave out those opened candy wrappers as extra proof that he was at your house.

Candy Hunt

They want candy? Make ‘em work for it. Hide pieces of candy throughout your house or even your back yard. You can purchase small treat bags to place the candy in. The kids will love hunting for their treats.

Spooky Toons/Movie Night

Set up a play list of your favorite Halloween-themed cartoons. Make a big to-do by making your own special Halloween goodies. Here’s some suggestions, call fruit punch “Vampire Punch.” Crumble up some Oreos into chocolate pudding and add a gummy worm or two and call it a “Graveyard Dip.” You could also make Rice Krispie treats, shaped into a pumpkin and use icing or other cookie decorations to create your own edible jackolantern. 

Dress n Go

Make plans with relatives before hand, asking them if they will give your kid’s some candy if you pay them a socially distanced visit. Dress the kids up in their costume, jump in the car and drive to your sweet destinations.

Virtual Costume Contest

Work with a few mom friends and set up a virtual costume contest. Meet via Zoom or the virtual host of your choice. Let the kids take turns showing off their costumes take a vote for the best ones. For extra fun, you can even give out prizes for best costume, funniest costume, scariest costume, etc. 

Compiled by RCN contributor Melissa Reinert

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