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Covington to Fix Potholes, Remove Snow on State-Owned Road Under New Agreement

The City of Covington is taking over responsibilities of repairing potholes and removing snow on fifteen miles of state-owned roads in the city.

The city commission approved a contract with the Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYTC), and it goes into effect immediately and will be renewed at the end of the fiscal year, a news release said.

KYTC will pay the City up to $31,363.50 a year for labor, equipment, and materials used on the roads, which include routes like 12th Street (Ky. 1120), Madison Pike (Ky. 17), and Decoursey Avenue (Ky. 177).

In all, the contract includes ten roads, which represent just some of the state-owned and -maintained routes in Covington. More roads could be added in the future, said Public Works Director Chris Warneford.

“I want to make sure we’re not biting off more than we can chew, especially given that we’re working within the parameters of our existing resources and, like other departments, face the potential of impact from COVID at any time,” Warneford said. “I’d rather bite off a little bit and be able to chew and swallow it than bite off a whole lot and be overwhelmed.”

The city’s agreement with KYTC is modeled after the state’s contract with Kenton County, under which Warneford operated when he ran the County’s Public Works Department.

The Covington commission identified the new maintenance arrangement as one of its priorities for the year.

Warneford said drivers should notice a difference with quicker repairs to potholes and treatment of snow- and ice-covered roads.

“We literally have to cross or drive on these state-maintained routes as our crews move from city street to city street,” he said. “Since we’re already out there, it makes more sense for us to take care of any problems, especially given all that the state carries on its back and in its hands. This will hopefully also free them up to do bigger repairs.”

The routes will be added to the city’s 15 existing snow removal routes. On Tuesday, crews were driving the expanded routes to familiarize themselves with them, Warneford said.

KYTC will continue to handle grass mowing, roadway striping and signage, signal maintenance, guardrail repair, removal of dead animals, repaving, and extraordinary maintenance.

The roads are:

·      Main Street (U.S. 25) just south of Mount Allen Road to the Ohio River Bridge.

·      Highway Avenue/Fifth Street (Ky. 8) from West Street to Campbell County.

·      Fourth Street (Ky. 8 one way) from Crescent Avenue to Garrard Street.

·      Winston Avenue (Ky. 16) from Banklick Creek bridge to Ky. 17.

·      Madison Pike/Greenup Street (Ky. 17) from Latonia Avenue to Second Street.

·      Scott Boulevard (Ky. 17 one way) from 20th Street to the Ky. 17 split.

·      Decoursey Avenue (Ky. 177) from Banklick Creek bridge to Ky. 16.

·      Highland Pike (Ky. 1072) from Magellan roundabout to the railroad bridge.

·      12th Street (Ky. 1120) from I-75 ramp to Licking River bridge.

·      11th Street (Ky. 1120 one way) from 12th Street at Russell to Licking River bridge.

-Staff report

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