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COVID-19: Kenton, Campbell Counties Now in "Red Zone"

Kenton and Campbell counties are now officially classified as being in the "red zone" in Kentucky's color-coded system describing the severity of the spread of COVID-19.

It is the highest rating for counties in the state and is based on the average daily number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 population. There are now sixty-eight counties statewide, more than half in Kentucky, with such a designation.

Campbell Co. is averaging 27.5 daily cases per 100,000 population while Kenton Co. is averaging 26.7.

Grant Co., which is also part of the Northern Kentucky Independent Health District, was just short of the red distinction.

“This is a type of outbreak where we can’t deny our way out of it, we can’t rationalize our way out of it, we can’t try to find excuses for not following the guidance,” said Governor Andy Beshear in Thursday's COVID-19 update.

When a county is classified as red, the state recommends:

  • Employers allow employees to work from home when possible
  • Non-critical Government offices to operate virtually
  • Reduce in-person shopping; order online or curbside pickup
  • Order take-out; avoid dining in restaurants or bars
  • Prioritize businesses that follow and enforce mask mandate and other guidelines
  • Reschedule, postpone or cancel public and private events
  • Do not host or attend gatherings of any size
  • Avoid non-essential activities outside of your home
  • Reduce overall activity and contacts, and follow existing guidance, including 10 steps to defeat COVID-19

Beshear said that new guidance from the White House suggests that home gatherings are linked to current transmissions where Americans are not as likely to wear masks.

The governor reported 1,821 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on Thursday, the third-highest total ever reported in a single day.

Kenton County saw 52 new cases while Campbell reported 41. 

Boone Co., which remains classified as orange, a step below red, averages 20.9 daily cases per 100,000 people. That county saw 33 newly confirmed cases on Thursday.

Grant Co. reported 6 new cases on Thursday and averages 24.5 cases per 100,000 people, just shy of being classified as red.

Nineteen additional deaths were reported statewide on Thursday.

The state has a current positivity rate of 6.04%

There are 969 people hospitalized currently in Kentucky with 234 in intensive care units and 120 on ventilators.

-Staff report

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