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Dunkin' Donuts in Taylor Mill Moves Forward, but Zoning Adjustments Required

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article misreported the price of a new dump truck purchased by the city. It has been corrected. RCN regrets the error.

In a 3-2 vote, the Taylor Mill city commission voted to send a zoning request related to a new Dunkin' Donuts store to the Kenton County Planning Commission.

The Holland Company, which developed what has become known as the Trifecta Building because of its occupants being three iconic Cincinnati brands (LaRosa's, Graeter's, and Skyline), is looking for a change to the Downtown Taylor Mill 3 (DTM3) zone.

There is a request for four text amendments to the zoning code, and according to documents created by staff at Planning & Development Services of Kenton County, which presents to the planning commission, a favorable recommendation is expected at the November 5 meeting.

Holland wants an allowance for its Dunkin's main entrance to face the parking lot rather than Taylor Mill Road, a secondary entrance facing the street, a 15-ft. minimum setback from the edge of the pavement, and a reduction in building height requirement from 30 to 24 feet (with the condition that Holland measure its setback from the property line rather than the edge of the street pavement). 

The zoning currently requires an entrance to face Taylor Mill Road as part of the city's effort to create a more pedestrian-friendly and urban experience.

City Commissioner Rose Merritt called the requests "major" and did not believe that changing the requirements for locating a main entrance would be part of potential forthcoming changes to the downtown zoning code. She suggested that there be public input on the matter, though she thanked Holland for its ongoing investment in the city.

Commissioner Carolyn Braden also expressed concern but said that having a door facing the parking lot would not be a big deal.

Commissioner Dan Murray was enthusiastic about the addition of another business to this part of town.

However, Commissioner Mark Kreimborg was the most upset.

"We put in the DTM 3 zone for a reason, that we wanted to have nice looking businesses in the city," Kreimborg said. "There is nothing attractive about a stack facing Taylor Mill Road."

Kreimborg said that it was presumptuous of Holland to acquire building permits before seeking the zoning text amendments.

"We want a Dunkin' Donuts here," he said, "but it's going to make a lot of money for them. I think they ought to work with us. We should go back to Gary (Holland) and ask him to reconfigure it. It befuddles my mind that they would come in and take advantage of us like this."

An attempt by Merritt to table the issue until November's meeting was shot down 3-2, with Mayor Dan Bell joining Braden and Murray.

Those three also voted in favor of moving the issue to the planning commission while Merritt and Kreimborg voted against it.

In other business, City Administrator Brian Haney announced that the state has agreed to lower the speed limit on Taylor Mill Road from 45 to 35 miles per hour.

The next step is for the city commission to create and adopt an ordinance to that effect and then send it to Frankfort.

The commission voted to purchase a new dump truck from Jeff Wyler at a cost of $54,259.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer and Michael Monks

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