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COVID-19: 1,514 New Cases in Ky.; 173 in NKY

Kentucky recorded an additional 1,514 COVID-19 cases on Monday, including 173 in the Northern Kentucky Independent Health District counties, according to the state, though the local health department reported 202.

The health departments and the state do not always report positive cases at the same time.

According to the state, Kenton County added 65 new cases while there were 49 in Boone Co., 46 in Campbell Co., and 13 in Grant Co.

There were also four newly confirmed cases in Pendleton County, which is in a different health district.

Governor Andy Beshear expressed optimism about two COVID vaccines showing promise, though he continued to urge caution as cases surge across Kentucky.

“We need everybody with this news to buckle down, to make sure you are making good decisions each and every day because people’s lives depend on it,” said Beshear. “If we can just get to the point where this vaccine will be widely available, we can make sure we don’t lose people. We need your help. This is now a time-limited virus. So if you’re tired, now you can see the end. Let’s get our second wind.

“Today, we’re talking about where this virus is; tomorrow, we’re going to share some modeling about where we think it’s going; and then on Wednesday, if we don’t see a change in the numbers, we’ll talk about some additional steps that we may have to take to try to get this virus under control.

“If we have to take additional steps, it will not look like what we went through in March, in April and into May. At that time, we did not have enough testing; we had almost no PPE to protect those in hospitals; we didn’t know the most effective ways to treat this virus so the mortality rate was through the roof; and we didn’t know as much about the spread. If we have to take additional steps, they will be more targeted.”

There are currently 1,442 people in Kentucky hospitals, including 360 in intensive care units, and 128 on ventilators.

All Northern Kentucky counties are recording daily average case counts of 25 or more per 100,000 people, placing them in the "red zone".

-Staff report

Photo: Scott Blvd. in Covington (RCN file)

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