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Ft. Wright Explores New Signs at City Gateways

Plans for new gateways into Ft. Wright were presented to city council last week.

Welcoming columns would stand near I-75 and I-275 as visitors and residents enter.

Joey Hood of CT Consulting explained that there are about twenty different entrances to the city, some regional, and others local, and each would have part of a family of signs that would complement one another.

Some may be black or white, limestone or brick, or other colors and materials.

Hood also talked about a hillside sign that would be visible from farther away.  

Council plans to study the options.

Meanwhile, the city's cash position is strong and improving, according to accountant John Chamberlain of VanGorder, Walker, Inc. who presented the annual audit. He cpmplimented the city's lack of long-term debt.

Police Chief Ed Butler congratulated Sergeant George Kreutzjans who officially retired on October 31, saying that he was sad to see him go but happy for his retirement.

Kreutzjan's firearm was officially declared surplus so that he can buy his firearm for $1. This is a long-standing tradition in the city.

Council voted to waive the ABC licensing fees, in accordance with the Governor's executive order last Wednesday. Mayor Dave Hatter said that they need to do whatever they can to help the restaurants, which are closed to in-person dining again due to COVID-19. Hatter said that the governor seems intent on putting the restaurants out of business, so they will need every penny they can get.

Chief Butler also warned that car thefts are up in the area, so he recommended not leaving valuables in vehicles, and locking doors.

A Christmas tree-lighting event is planned at the city building on December 12 from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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