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City of Union Transfers $300,000 to Schools

The City of Union transferred more than $300,000 in federal funds to three schools in the city.

The $303,000 allocation came from the federal CARES Act to support COVID-19 relief efforts and will benefit Shirley Mann Elementary, Gray Middle Schools, and Ryle High School as they facilitate distance learning with consideration to the eventual safe return to schools.

“It was important to our city commission to keep all of our CARES act funding working in our local community,” said Mayor Larry K. Solomon. “Helping our schools, which are providing outstanding service in this time of uncertainty, seems like the best utilization of these funds.”

“These monies will allow our public schools to continue to meet our student’s needs during the pandemic,” said City Commissioner John Mefford.

Mefford is also a chemistry instructor at Ryle High School. 

“Our schools have been asked to continue to provide a quality education, despite the challenges of the pandemic requiring us to turn to virtual and hybrid education models for learning," he said. "These funds will help the schools continue to keep staff and students safe, and provide the best possible access for remote learning we can provide.”

-Staff report

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