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Letter: Republicans Have a Trump Problem

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Gene Archbold of Covington.

Monetize, monetize, monetize.  This is the new mantra for The D., the former developer and about to be former president.  Years ago, as a developer, I am absolutely positive The D.’s mantra was location, location, location. 

As an ex-president, he needs cash flow like never before.  There will be legal fees, child care, older children who need jobs and banks that insist on payment.  And the best places for him to find cash are his followers and the Republican Party.

First the followers.  A book will be popular with them even though it will have to be co-authored.  Perhaps Sean Hannity will lend a hand.  But no matter the authorship The D. will sell a few thousand copies.  I doubt all those who voted for him will risk the $24.95 price (to be marked down to $12.95 after 30 days) but again any cash flow will be welcome.

The followers also will be asked to join the campaign for 2024.  These funds will be under some scrutiny as it is supposed to be for a political campaign.  But in order to continue the Trump branding effort, one has to fly around and greet people and that’s best done at someone else’s expense.  A developer’s mantra Trump will not give up is “OPM”, Other People’s Money. 

The D. may also try out some rallies, paid attendance of course, including separate fees for parking, shuttles and sales of the book in the lobby.  And that MAGA hat is no longer free.  It will come in a variety of colors this time; maybe with different state logos, logos for vets…soccer teams…etc…etc.  And The D. is taking a risk that not enough people will show up for those rallies.  But just in case, he will pay for attendees and when caught will deny he knew anything about it.  When you are President, people come out to take a look.  When not President, you are just another politician who wants to get in the taxpayers pocket.

And how does the Republican Party figure in the search for cash flow.  Not very.  The National Republican Party has a serious problem.  To most observers, including non-licensed observers like me, The D. has no interest in supporting anything important to the Republican Party.  Unless it helps monetize his life.  The D.’s popularity is not based upon his affiliation with Republicans.  His popularity is based upon his personality and lack of consistency about any idea or policy.  That’s not meant to be a criticism.  That characteristic really appeals to his supporters.  The future success of the Republican banner cannot be linked to The D.’s monetizing program.  All those competing Republican candidates for President will see no benefit in using National Republican Party funds to help The D. make a living.

The National Republican Party has an unenvious task.  How does it disconnect itself from The D. without upsetting those who idolize The D?  The task is to slide them away from their idol and slip them back into something that looks like a traditional group of people who aspire to certain political changes and get people elected to execute same.  All those people attending rallies prior to November 4th loved a guy who, according to their own comments, was rude, impulsive and erratic.  So how do Republicans, like Senator McConnell or Senators Cruz and Thune or even ex vice president Pence woo the cult away from The D. and into something a little more organized and visionary?  And for traditional Republicans who want to run for president, they need to do this wooing without appearing to woo.  I suspect Kellyanne and Kayleigh will not lack for meaningful employment. 

If Republicans cannot find their way out of this maze we will end up with a Democratic Party and The Cultists of the  D. Party.  And the party, formerly known as the Republican Party will just be interesting conversation on Fox.

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