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Photos: Ludlow Schools Distribute More than 3,000 Meals for Students

The Ludlow Independent School District prepared meals for students and families to pick up for the winter break.

The district's ten-member cafeteria crew, headed by Lisa Brownfield, has been busy preparing meals for take-home since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional schooling back in March.

After Thanksgiving, Brownfield brought up the idea of preparing home meals for the Christmas season.  

"The superintendent (Michael Borchers) was all for it," Brownfield said. "I told him all the details, and he liked the plan, and presented it to the board, who also approved it."

In addition to preparing breakfast and lunch for 250 students Monday through Friday during school days, Brownfield and her crew have put together meals to sustain them till students return to class.

On Friday, workers and Borchers, and other staff members, were outside Mary A. Goetz Elementary loading bags and boxes and passing them out to families.

More than 3,000 meals were distributed on Friday.

A second round of food pick-ups is planned for Dec. 28.

"Tonight was another example of how our district works to serve our community no matter what the need," Borchers said.  "Our cafeteria staff, teachers, administrators, and support staff all came together to ensure that our students are able to have well balanced meals over the holiday break. It was a pleasure to serve over 3,200 meals to our families during this time of year."

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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