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Kenton County Couple Adopts 4 Siblings, Marking DCCH's 150th Adoption


DCCH Center for Children and Families celebrated its 150th adoption.

“What a blessing and privilege it is for us here at DCCH to be part of the process of bringing long-term hope, stability, and love to these amazing kids,” said Bob Wilson, DCCH executive director.

DCCH's therapeutic foster care program began in 1999 recruiting, training, and supporting families willing to open their home to foster children with a history of trauma. The program trains families in Trauma Informed Care and provides case management to support successful outcomes for both the child and family.

Its adoption program was licensed in 2001 and its first adoption was finalized in 2003.

In late November, the Ft. Mitchell-based agency saw through its 150th adoption.

Michelle and Mike Mosley, of Kenton County, have adopted seven children through DCCH. In 2017, the couple adopted two teenage boys, and in 2019, an 8-year old boy joined the family.

Last month, the Mosleys welcomed four biological siblings, aged 4, 6, 9, and 10.

They also have an older son in his early 20s.

“My husband and I always wanted to help children and we also wanted more children," Michelle Mosley said. "Adoption through foster care felt like the right fit for us. If you were to ask my oldest adopted son, he would say he was the one who made us decide to adopt more children because we loved him so much.”

In a news release, the Mosleys said that the best part of adoption from foster care has been the completion of their family, the amount of joy they have in the home, and how each of their children have been a part of the process, from becoming foster parents to adoptive parents.

“I would love to say it has been easy however we have had our struggles," Michelle Mosley said. "Our life has changed in so many wonderful ways. We are now a family of 10 and we have learned so much about our children. We have learned how to be a different family from ways of coping and learning and we have all had a huge lesson in trust. Our family has also grown by adding grandparents and aunts and uncles. It has been amazing meeting so many new family members and building stronger relationships for us and our children. Looking back, we can not see our life any different.”

The couple said, for those considering fostering or adopting, “If you believe it is something you are called to do, please move forward. There are so many children in need of loving homes, even if it's just for a short time. We would also say don't shy away from the teenagers in need. Our teens are what started our adoption journey!”

“We are blessed to have celebrated 150 adoptions since the inception of our program – especially during National Adoption Awareness Month," said Ron Bertsch, Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption director. "The need is great and DCCH relies on loving families willing to search their hearts and open their home to adopt a child. We have an especially significant need right now because child abuse and neglect do not pause for a pandemic.”

-Staff report

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