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Esquire: Covington Restaurant Among 100 U.S. "Can't Afford to Lose"

The restaurant industry, like many other business sectors, has been severely impacted by societal restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From on-again, off-again closures to indoor dining, to finding creative ways to expand outdoor eating and delivery/pick-up options, 2020 has been plagued with challenges for restaurants.

With winter approaching and the prospect of outdoor dining even less attractive, more restaurants will face further economic strife.

Esquire magazine, in that spirit, compiled a list of the one hundred restaurants that the United States "can't afford to lose."

Among the entries: Covington's Bouquet. Here is what was written about it:

Maybe you’ve grown weary of the phrase “farm to table.” Maybe it’s lost its punch, in certain quarters of the country. But Bouquet is a restaurant that makes “farm to table” matter again—and in Mitch McConnell’s home state, no less. Chef Stephen Williams opened the restaurant in 2007 “as one of the first restaurants in the area to embrace local and sustainable farming as a cornerstone of its mission,” as the place’s website puts it, and that mission hasn’t lost an ounce of passion in the intervening years. The stuff on the menu sounds straightforward enough—deviled eggs, a green salad, meatballs, a pork chop—but everything soars because of the chef’s obvious reverence for the ingredients that he uses. Yes, that matters.

Read the full article here.

-Staff report

Photo: Bouquet chef Stephen Williams (provided)

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