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Poll Shows Majority Support for Beshear's Handling of COVID-19, Executive Orders

The Kentucky Democratic Party released a poll on Monday showing strong statewide, bipartisan support for Governor Andy Beshear overall and for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the commonwealth.

The poll, conducted last month by the polling firm Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, interviewed 602 Kentucky voters. According to self-identification, 34% of the respondents were Democrats while 47% were Republicans.

The poll has a 4 percent margin of error.

59% of respondents approve of Beshear in general while 58% approve of his handling of the pandemic. 

Governor Beshear has a 55% approval rating among independents, while one-third of Trump voters approve of his overall performance and his handling of the coronavirus, the polling firm said in a memo released by the Democrats.

Additionally, 77 percent of respondents, including 66% of Republicans support Beshear's executive order requiring masks in indoor settings. There was also majority support for virtual schooling for middle and high schools until after winter break (62%), a hybrid virtual and in-person approach for elementary schools (61%), and limiting private gatherings to eight people or fewer (55%).

Meanwhile, the poll shows a 37 percent excellent/good rating for the state legislature, which is dominated by Republicans, even more so after November's election. 33% of respondents rated the General Assembly as "fair", while 21% rated it as "poor".

Only 8 percent of Democrats offered a positive rating to the General Assembly.

“Governor Beshear has been willing to make the hard decisions necessary to keep Kentuckians safe and alive during this worldwide pandemic. It has been clear since day one that Governor Beshear was committed to putting public health above politics. These poll numbers are a reflection of that reality: Kentuckians overwhelmingly trust Governor Beshear to make the right decisions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” said Ky. Democratic Party Chairman Colmon Elridge, in a statement.

See the polling memo here.

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