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Letter: School Board Recognition Month

This month all across the commonwealth and here in Kenton County we recognize and celebrate the outstanding servant leadership of our school board members.  

Kenton County school board members, elected by the people, are responsible for our community’s most precious resource and the key to its future – our children and their educational opportunities. 

Our county is served by outstanding leaders who ensure that every decision is “About All Kids”.  They are to be commended for their passion and expectations for excellence to ensure that every child is transition ready and prepared for the 21st century economy.  

Our board members serve with minimal compensation and maximum effort. Board members spend countless hours reading materials and analyzing reports to ensure they are prepared to make informed decisions for our students.  Additionally, our board members obtain training on finance, ethics, leadership and other topics annually.  

Kenton County is fortunate to have a board team that is professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, supportive of growth and innovation, team oriented and are student centered.

Our board members are upstanding members of our community that are engaged in our schools, with TEAM KENTON and our extended family.  

Please join me this month as we recognize and celebrate Carl Wicklund, Karen Collins, Jesica Jehn, Shannon Herold and Gene Dupin for their outstanding efforts for our kids.  It is my hope that everyone will take a few minutes this month to let our board members know how much their efforts are appreciated.   


Dr. Henry Webb,

KCSD Superintendent