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Packaging Company Acquired, Relocates to Covington

Packaging company 3D Corrugated has new ownership and a new location.

The company, founded in 2012 in Cincinnati, is moving to 400 West Third Street in Covington after its operations were taken over by Marty Boyer and Matt Mauser, who also operate Theatre House at that location.

3D Corrugated specializes in corrugated packages like boxes, packing supplies, void fill, tape, and custom-sized pads. Theatre House is an e-commerce and retail theatrical supply company that utilized 3D Corrugated's services before the acquisition.

By operating out of the same location, 3D Corrugated will be able to use Theatre House's large warehouse.

“3D and Theatre House are a lot alike in terms of operations, inventory management and fulfillment, but that is not what made us leap at this opportunity. 3D has been a great partner to Theatre House since we reopened in 2017, and before that too,” said Boyer. “Continuing their commitment to service, (brothers) Dan and Terry (Davis, who founded the company) have personally walked us through their customers and worked with us on the transition in the best way possible. It’s natural for us to continue the awesome customer service, great prices and to pick up the phone for 3D Corrugated customers – it’s how we do business at Theatre House.”

“Rebooting Theatre House, we learned the details of shipping and setting up the right operations for the ecommerce world. We get to extend that expertise to 3D Corrugated,” Boyer said. “We get to share our knowledge with other ecommerce providers, manufacturers and producers. It also allows us to get more local with our products and services.”

3D Corrugated also provides customized box sizing, print and storage services and offers same-day delivery or pickup for in stock items throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Primarily a business-to-business operation but open to the public, 3D Corrugated customers include e-commerce providers, companies in the food service, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and education sectors as well as small to mid-sized retail businesses. Because the cost of shipping boxes can be expensive, organizations can reduce costs by working locally with 3D Corrugated because they can order online and pick up at the Covington location.

“At Theatre House, we ship all over the world and that is something really special being a company in Covington. 3D is an exciting opportunity because we get to help people locally while getting to know some of the amazing companies right in our backyard,” said Mauser.

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