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Golden Corral to Be Torn Down, Replaced by Mike's Car Wash

The Golden Corral restaurant in Ft. Wright is set to be demolished to make way for a new location of Mike's Car Wash, the second Northern Kentucky location for the regional chain.

Golden Corral shuttered at the onset of the pandemic and never reopened. Its Florence location also closed permanently late last year.

The Kenton County Planning Commission gave the OK last week to Dahm Holdings, the operators of Mike's Car Wash, and its stage-one development plan.

The current zoning allows for car washes at this location at the intersection of Orphanage Road and Valley Plaza Parkway, though the development plan required approval. Typically, the planning commission makes a recommendation and then the city government makes a final call, but in Ft. Wright there is a policy that as long as no one appeals the planning commission decision within twenty-one days, it becomes law.

The new Mike's Car Wash location would have a maximum capacity of five vehicles with thirty-three stacking spaces. It would also eliminate the access point off Valley Plaza that currently exists on the 2-acre site but would maintain access from Viewpoint Drive while also allowing for access to the neighboring White Castle property.

A traffic engineer at Planning & Development Services of Kenton County reviewed the area and is comfortable with the proposed width of those access points, and it would likely improve traffic flow in that area, it was stated at the planning commission meeting.

The stage-two plan will require information on landscaping, water and sewage, screening of mechanical equipment, signage information, and other details.

Sean Suder, an attorney representing Dahm Holdings, noted that the Ft. Wright Mike's Car Wash would be Northern Kentucky's second location for the business, with the other located in Florence.

"We believe this site is a perfect location," Suder said.

The planning commission offered its unanimous approval.

The new Mike's Car Wash would create new competition in that immediate area along 3L Highway, with Ms. Classic Car Wash just across from the site on the other side of Orphanage Road.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher