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Park Hills to Allow Pervious Parking; Audit Shows City in Strong Cash Position

Park Hills city council gave its approval to pervious parking spaces, designed to be an alternative to more typical parking pads at residences.

The city has been studying the issue for about a year.

Since Park Hills residents find parking challenging to come by in some parts of the city, allowing for alternatives to cement, asphalt, and concrete for the creation of parking pads could be a more affordable option.

Grass infiltration systems and pervious parking are now classified in the city as a "paved surface" that is allowed.

Council also listened to its annual audit report, presented by John Chamberlin of VanGorder, Walker & Co.

Chamberlin said that there were no issues with the audit, and that the city has twice the recommended amount of cash on hand to serve three months of operational expenses ($612,000). The city is in a strong cash position, he said.

Council adopted a resolution urging the Kentucky General Assembly to change the way transportation funding is regulated, urging more money for cities, and asking for a modernization of the road funding formula.

Mayor Kathy Zembrodt announced there will be a caucus meeting at the end of January, and council plans to talk about the St. Joseph sidewalk project with residents.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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