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Sheriff Warns of Scammer Posing as Lt. in Kenton Co.

The Kenton County Sheriff's Office warned residents on Wednesday of a "scammer" posing as an employee of the department.

Someone claiming to be a Lieutenant Yarboro from the Kenton County Sheriff's Department is making calls in an attempt to get money over the phone, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

The most recent number used by the poser is 859-474-7750, the sheriff's office stated.

Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn's office said that law enforcement officers would never call to demand payment over the phone.

The office said that during "this time of uncertainty", scammers are preying on people with claims of fines related to missed jury duty or outstanding warrants, then demanding payment to take care of the situation or to pay nonexistent court costs.

The sheriff's office said that if you receive such a call and wonder whether it is real, search for the number that called you, not the one provided by the caller. Also, the sheriff's office said, do not give out any personal information or payment.

-Staff report