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Biggby Coffee Booming in NKY with Erlanger, Cold Spring and Florence on Horizon

When Shanna Novosel moved to Northern Kentucky 16 years ago for a job, it was supposed to be just a “pit stop.”

But, “I fell in love with the area,” she said.

She was, however, not in love with her corporate job. So, she wondered what else she could do. It wasn’t long before she realized she needed to bring a Lansing, Michigan staple to Northern Kentucky – Biggby Coffee. 

“It’s something I was really missing from home,” Novosel said. “I love Biggby Coffee. I think it’s the best coffee in the world and I love what it stands for, self sustainability coupled with community involvement. A coffeeshop is really the heart of a community. It’s a place to gather and share ideas.”

Biggby Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain based in Lansing, and founded in 1995. 

Novosel opened her first Biggby Coffee shop in Fort Mitchell in 2013.

Biggby was a hit with patrons and now there four locations here – Fort Mitchell, Florence, Hebron and Taylor Mill. In February, a fifth is expected to open in Erlanger and two others are in development in Florence and Cold Spring.

The Erlanger location will introduce the new B-cubed concept, a drive-through-only location with a walk up window and some outdoor seating. It is designed in such away that it can be moved from location to location. So in the event traffic patterns change, the B-cube can be moved to meet the needs of patrons, Novosel said.

“It’s really a fascinating concept,” she said.

Carrie Williams, the franchisee of the Erlanger location, is looking forward to the opening of her modern coffeeshop, which will offer the same full menu as other Biggby.

“I'm most looking forward to making a difference in our community by serving great coffee to great people, and often a good cup of coffee or tea along with great service will make someone's day a little brighter,” Williams said.

Opening a coffeeshop has been a dream of Williams’s for only a short time. The idea of making a difference, however, has been her goal since college, “which was a long time ago,” she said.

“I was a teacher for 13 years. I loved my schools, I loved my students more than I can convey,” she said. “l loved my colleagues, and I loved teaching science. But, I started to feel like I wanted a change.”

Williams’s father died in April 2019 and before he did, she and he were discussing this idea of change and life.

“He encouraged me to make sure I was doing what makes me happy,” she said. “It was then I decided that life was too short and I needed to go after this new dream.”

Williams said she and her husband chose to open in Erlanger for a few reasons. First, she lives there. 

“This is our back yard and we want to bring great coffee to our neighbors,” she said. “Until now, there was no coffee shop in this neighborhood and no area should lack this luxury.”

Written by Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor

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