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St. Joseph Lane Sidewalk Project Closer to Beginning in Park Hills

The City of Park Hills is set to move forward on a long-awaited sidewalk project on St. Joseph Lane. 

At the city council's meeting earlier in January, residents were told that Monday, January 25 would be the time to address council virtually about the project.

City Engineer Jay Bayer started Monday's meeting by explaining the origin of the project.

The city became aware of a state grant that would cover 80 percent of the costs of such a project while the city would pay for the remainder.

Engineer Katie Dillenburger explained that the new sidewalk would go from Dixie Highway to the south end of St. Joseph, past Elberta Circle.

Dillenburger said that the sidewalk would be adjacent to the existing curb. 

Councilman Tony Dirkes asked if there could be a space between the curb and the sidewalk, but Mayor Kathy Zembrodt said that the city had already learned that utility poles and already been moved as far as they could be, so the sidewalk must be next to the curb.

The Northern Kentucky Water District also has work to do, which is underway. Bayer explained that a water main has to be replaced and moved.

In total, the state estimated that the sidewalk project would cost $203,189, with the city responsible for a little more than $40,000 of that.

The project has not yet been placed out for bid.

The schedule moving forward is to gather public input and then to approve the final plan, and then to advertise for construction bids, review those bids, and choose a contractor.

A resident asked about how traffic would be monitored during construction, and it was explained that the contractor will handle that.

The state will handle all necessary right-of-way and easement issues.

In all, the project is expected to take two to three months once it begins.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor